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Customer care services

At Power NI, we care about all our customers and particularly mindful of older people, those with a disability or long-term illness. If this applies to you, we have additional services that you can benefit from.

Managing your electricity account

Easier bills

If you are blind or have poor eyesight we can supply your bill in braille, large print or as a talking bill. 

Delegate responsibility

If someone helps you manage your household bills, you can nominate them as your trusted person and choose the level of responsibility you wish them to have:

  • Send them my bills. We will re-direct all you bills to their address.
  • Contact them regarding my account. We will contact them instead of you for all queries relating to your account.

Please note: some things we cannot discuss with your trusted person. For example, changing personal details or Direct Debit payment. To do this, you will need to delegate full financial responsibility.

Medical care register

Doorstep services

  • You can give us a password to use when a member of our staff visits your home. This may be useful if you are partially sighted or blind.
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing, the meter reader will knock the door loudly and speak clearly when they call.
  • If you have a mobility problem, they will allow more time for you to answer the door. 

Life supporting equipment

If you have life supporting medical equipment at home, Northern Ireland Electricity Networks can give you priority and up-to-date information during a power cut.

Customer care registration form

Your meter point reference number

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